PUBG - Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide For Beginners

PUBG – Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide For Beginners

Want to take your PUBG experience to the next level? Interested in learning some new strategies that the some of the up and coming top players use? This is the video for you. I spoke with some of the top players in the world and asked them what would you tell a brand new player or a player wanting to take their pubg game to the next level?

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Graphic Artist – Thumbnail: WikkidMaxx (reachable via discord link)
Top Player Advisers: BiggieSmalls, Chocolate_Charizard, NeilPatrick & 3 other ranked Top 50 NA players who wished to remain anonymous.


[CEO Series] _ Google _ Common Mistake within Digital Branding Strategy

[CEO Series] _ Google _ Common Mistake within Digital Branding Strategy

There are times such as thing called “trial and errors” when you develop your company. Some are common mistakes or some are study case with different reasons.

On 30th of May 2017, after BritCham CEO Series with Tony Keusgen – Managing Director of Google Indonesia, we sat down and discussing digital matters, also common mistakes company makes as part of their digital branding strategy.

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Branding Strategy using Neuromarketing

Branding Strategy using Neuromarketing


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Unusual Tips That Will Turn Your Facebook Page Into A Branding And Viral Marketing Machine!

Unusual Tips That Will Turn Your Facebook Page Into A Branding And Viral Marketing Machine!

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The numbers on social media marketing are impressive.
Best facebook marketing tutorial ever for 2017!In this video you will learn my top 10 facebook marketing tips and tricks.Watch this video to learn how to marketing on facebook and get the more traffic.
I am committed to bringing as much value to my audience as possible and as many video marketing and facebook marketing tips and tricks videos that i can produce…Building your brand with facebook i facebook marketing tips i branding tips.

Click the time points below to skip around in this facebook marketing tutorial for beginners created on november 20 2017 and optimized for use through 2017!New facebook marketing tips and tricks | how to use facebook groups to grow your home based business.

Facebook marketing tips from social media thought leader, mari smith.In this video you will learn my top 10 facebook marketing tips and tricks.Also thanks for watching 20 facebook marketing tips for small business in 2017.
To get into the nitty gritty of facebook marketing and get more detailed facebook marketing tips go now to .So the final portion of the facebook marketing tips for today is actually one of the cool features that facebook has come up with.Facebook business page tips – a facebook marketing strategy that works.Facebook marketing tips how to use your facebook photo album to generate a flood of leads for your.

Find exactly what you want to learn from how-to videos about Social Media Marketing, taught by industry experts.

You will get the ultimate facebook marketing strategy for getting more likes branding and traffic for you facebook page.Learn some Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.
Com as listed in my page to quickly use stock photos to make a facebook page cover photo that highlights when i am live and where to find me!..
Use graph search to help you with your facebook marketing strategy.To learn more visit marketing on facebook…Facebook marketing for business top 10 tips 2017.

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Facebook marketing tips 2017 | 1 secret but powerful facebook marketing tip.Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks For Getting More Engagement. I really hope you enjoyed these facebook marketing tips to generate tons of leads…
22 Facebook Marketing Tips for Business You Can–t Afford to Miss hero v0ZlxA.
Today i wanted to give you three facebook marketing tips that will help you get better results with your marketing efforts on facebook.#eaptv: in this episode of eaptv we talk about real estate facebook marketing.

In this week’s episode we are going all in on facebook marketing tips and how you can find proven content ideas for your facebook page on the fly.Try these Facebook Marketing Tips and Tricks. Best facebook marketing tutorial ever for 2017!

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Social Media Marketing - Facebook Pages and Branding Strategy

Social Media Marketing – Facebook Pages and Branding Strategy

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20 facebook marketing tips for business 2017 – 100% boost sales.
Welcome to day one of our social media video series: social media marketing for small businesses.Additionally i have a number of udemy courses with one of those courses being on facebook marketing.
Social media marketing tutorial – how to promote your business on facebook [uk].
Facebook marketing 101 – basic training.Facebook marketing for business tutorial – john lincoln, ignite visibility.

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1:43:03 analyze how i make a quick facebook profile photo for my page with my face and then discover my philosophy for creating an ideal facebook cover photo with a size of 828 by 315 pixels currently…

Ready to Conquer Facebook Marketing for Business.
Facebook Marketing For Business: Leanr What You Can Expect From Promoting Your Business With Facebook Marketing – Kindle edition by Alex Genadinik.
20 facebook marketing tips for business 2017 – 100% boost sales.

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Free facebook marketing & advertising tips & tricks.

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Facebook marketing explained in 3 minutes.

Facebook marketing: 25 strategies to promote a business on facebook.Facebook marketing made easy for beginner.

East Liberty Small Business Forum: “The Power of Facebook Marketing for Small Business”.
Best facebook marketing tutorial ever for 2017!

Learn about facebook marketing for business pages facebook marketing for groups facebook marketing for apps facebook marketing for events and more!
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Facebook organic marketing 2017 easy tutorial – how to market on facebook course – essentials.

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Facebook Marketing for Small Business Success – WEBINAR. Also thanks for watching 20 facebook marketing tips for small business in 2017.

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Pure Profit Pro | Traffic Strategy Futureadpro

Pure Profit Pro | Traffic Strategy Futureadpro

Pure Profit Pro | Traffic Strategy Futureadpro –
Pure Profit Pro | Traffic Strategy Futureadpro –

In this video I share one of my traffic strategies that I’m using to send traffic to my Pure Profit Pro Affiliate programme. This is a paid traffic strategy but if you follow my strategy the traffic then becomes free. You can also participate in the revenue sharing side of the programme which means you can get some money back. This is not guaranteed because it is dependent on the profits made by the company.

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Why Your Job Needs An Expiration Date

Why Your Job Needs An Expiration Date

Every job you accept should prepare you for the next level in your career. Staying too long on a job can stifle your growth potential and even your marketability. Here to tell us why next level career prep is required and why you should to put an expiration on your job, is Sherry Sims, Career Strategist and Founder of Black Career Women’s Network.

• Create a Strategic Plan
• Assess Skills & Resources needed
• Benchmark Goals
• Diversify Mentors & Sponsors
• Create an Exit Strategy


Tips for retail shop fitting

When doing retail shop fitting there is a lot of factors you need to consider such as lighting, signage, branding, storage, shelving, flooring, customer flow, color etc. If this is your first time or even if you have many stores under your belt, shop fitting can be a very daunting process! 

The biggest goal a shop has is to get a customer in and getting them to buy something. This isn’t as easy as you would think though as you need to consider how attractive your shop looks, how pleasant of an experience it is for the customer to buy something etc etc

So the biggest thing you need to consider when opening up a new shop is its location. How accessible is the place? do you have to park? are all the entrances clearly marked? do you have automatic sliding doors as these are great for people with prams or wheelchair users? 

How good is the signage? Branding, logos, color etc are all really important. Your store has to look good if you want to bring customers in. 

Store layout is really important too. You need to consider security, visibility and how optimized your floor space is. Your store must be planned and laid out efficiently. If you’re new to this consider getting in a shop fitting company like Allstar Joinery. 

Employ a shop fitting company with a good reputation – don’t go cheap. You should get floor plan advice, advice on customer flow, merchandise and how you should position your equipment. 

Do you need refrigeration or air conditioning? Again don’t go cheap and get a good reputable company in for this. They’re experts in this field and can provide you with much more information than I can here. 

Lighting – This is overlooked by retail owners a lot but it is one of the most important factors in a shop fit out! Lighting can affect the mood of your customers so much! Look into getting LED lighting to save yourself on energy! 

Professional looking counters! – a professional looking counter is a must in any circumstance. When your customers waiting in line you want them to be looking at a professional set up don’t you? You also want a setup where your employees can work effectively with enough space. 

Flooring, plumbing and electrical – Getting yourself shop fitters who can design, plan and deliver bespoke requirements! 

Security – Security is vital in today’s markets! you want to get a good CCTV system to increase your chance of catching thief! 

These are all things to think about when opening up a new shop. If you’re going to do it yourself, spend some time carefully planning everything to make sure you don’t miss anything out. If you’re looking for a company get a reputable company with a good amount of reviews. Have a look at Allstar Joinery for your shop fitting needs.

EP#1 - Ultimate Guide To Your Brand Marketing Plan

EP#1 – Ultimate Guide To Your Brand Marketing Plan

Now more than ever, brands need a robust and complete marketing plan – even before they have named their company. I am not kidding. Your marketing plan – which includes crucial sections such as brand strategy, positioning, brand naming, brand identity development, product development and pricing, outlining your distribution, sales, and retention plans, marketing channels, and campaigns etc should be the first thing to start working on when you have decided to launch a new brand.

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