Branding gives you an edge over competitors - Ankit Majethia

Branding gives you an edge over competitors – Ankit Majethia

Ankit Majethia from Hangover media highlights the importance brand building for startups. He suggests that it create better brand recall among customers.

In this Video, Mayank Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO of Rapture Biotech talks about importance of technology as the catalyst for growth level startups. With cut throat competition and ever growing needs of a startup, tech tools in various functions like HR, Marketing, Legal can prove to be boon for the company.

This video is brought to you by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) which supports startups and SMEs to accelerate their growth and inspires and educates student entrepreneurs to start companies.

National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) is the largest and oldest initiative of the Wadhwani Foundation for job creation and entrepreneurship. NEN primarily works with students, budding entrepreneurs and anyone with the entrepreneurial inkling. We focus on creating young entrepreneurs who would directly impact the employment numbers and help in sustaining economic growth. NEN helps budding entrepreneurs realise their real potential and assist them to embark on the journey where dreams become a reality.

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Shortcuts | Chapter 3: Shopping Strategy

Shortcuts | Chapter 3: Shopping Strategy

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Whenever shopping I feel a deep sense of responsibility. I don’t take it lightly for so many reasons…. not knowing if the thing I am buying is the most flattering, timeless, versatile while still being the most stylish and financially and ethical option in addition to not falling victim of branding/marketing… I know that’s a lot!

I pride myself in being a pragmatic person, so naturally I’ve tried out a lot of things… buying eco-lines from fast fashion retailers, supporting artisans, saving up to buy at a higher price point which I though would reflect quality, etc. I remember at one point I had impose a requirement that all my purchases had to have an ethical aspect to them.

I don’t feel confident about a lot of things (including my skin), but I do feel confident with my current shopping strategy. I know its not perfect like myself, but so far its proven to work for me, financially and ethically. For example, I have 90% of what I purchased from these retailers still in my closet from several years ago.

I’m vv curious to hear if you shorties have any strategies that you’ve found helpful like Maria’s…. please drop a line below 🐾 #ShortiesUnite #HowToFiveTwo 🤚🏼✌🏼

✖️ Chapter 3: How To Shop

〰️ Day-trips to the outlets twice a year


1. Deep discounts on past season items

2. Unique pieces

3. Diffusion lines that retail at lower prices


• Lower priced fabrics and trimmings


• Omitted design details


My Mami: She’s brutally honest and keeps me accountable


1. Barney’s New York Warehouse

2. Saks Off 5th

3. Neiman Marcus Last Call

〰️ I look through every single rack

〰️ I try on everything I like


• Size

• Brand


• Light- weight tops

• High-or-low-rise bottoms

• Slender footwear

〰️ Only 5-10% looks good on


• I think about it

• I check out other stores


• I Ensure Shoes Fit: Footwear should be snug on my tired, puffy feet

• Want vs. Need: Responsible decision making time…


• Flattering

• Timeless

• Versatile

• Not driven by branding


How do you shop responsibly?

“Shop as if you’re going on your dream vacation tomorrow…” Maria Carter @mars_carter

1. Limited space = avoid overbuying

2. You would genuinely want to save money for activities

3. Draw inspiration for your ideal style

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My name is Lwany [loo-ah-nie]. I’m a fashion stylist by trade, 5’2″ by birth and victim of plenty faux pas 〰️ here, I share with you everything I’ve picked up along the way ✖️

Stand taller one outfit at a time – literally and ethically 🐾

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Created and edited by Lwany

Directed by Aaron Smith

Music by The Willing
The Dirt EP


Branding Yoyo Trick Tutorial - Intermediate Yo-yo Trick

Branding Yoyo Trick Tutorial – Intermediate Yo-yo Trick

To do a Branding, you should already know how to get into a 1.5 mount and throw a suicide. The Branding is done by dropping the top string off of your index finger while in the 1.5 and wrap the string around. Throw the slack around your throw hand with your non throw hand and catch it again back in a 1.5 mount. I show a few ways to get into it using the brother slack move as well. This is an awesome yoyo trick.

This is an easy yoyo trick that looks cool in the middle of smooth combos.

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REMOVE logos from photos quickly in PHOTOSHOP tutorial | Remove branding
Branding para Startups e PMEs. O Chamado.

Branding para Startups e PMEs. O Chamado.

BRANDING PARA STARTUPS & PMEs. | Construindo Marcas fortes, desde cedo
Tem ou trabalha em uma startup? Numa pequena empresa? Ou é uma pessoa-empresa? Independente do formato, a maioria ainda acredita que produtos e serviços são o suficiente para atrair investidores, ganhar clientes, aumentar a audiência e até ser seguido por legiões. Mas esquece que a marca é o DNA intangível que verdadeiramente conecta a personalidade com seus usuários e em todos os pontos de contato do negócio. E quando você entende e domina isso, percebe a força e o poder disso nas mãos para construir um relacionamento forte e fiel com marca.
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Gregg Burkhalter's Personal Branding and LinkedIn Strategies

Gregg Burkhalter’s Personal Branding and LinkedIn Strategies

htttp:// takes you to my Web site, where you will learn about the consulting services I provide for corporations and leaders. In this video, Gregg Burkhalter shares vital tips and strategies for strengthening your personal brand and using LinkedIn more effectively. Check my You Tube channel for interviews with other outstanding professionals!


How to Increase Brand Awareness

How to Increase Brand Awareness

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Lemonease Branding Strategy
Suprising My Family With A Mega Mansion

Suprising My Family With A Mega Mansion

Surprising my family with a new home and its a mega mansion on 4 acres of land pure paradise hopefully you all enjoy it as much as my family!

If you’re reading this I missed you all I love you and I hope the wait was worth it!


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713- 2 Oriental  Branding Strategies

713- 2 Oriental Branding Strategies

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