Destiny 2: LEVIATHAN RAID FOR DUMMIES! Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!

Destiny 2: LEVIATHAN RAID FOR DUMMIES! Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!

Complete Guide and Walk Through for the entire New Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2!
Time stamps:
-Leviathan Raid Beginning Encounter (Castellum): 1:16
-Royal Pools Guide: 4:00
-Pleasure Gardens Guide: 9:15
-The Gauntlet Guide: 18:00
-Emperor Calus (Throne) Final Boss Guide: 26:50
-Extra Raid Loot and Raid Vendor: 39:50

I wish you guys luck in this new Destiny 2 Raid! I hope your Leviathan Raid gear loot drops are sweet!

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LEATHER BRANDING TOOL – LEATHER BURNING. Leather tool review leather burning branding tool made by Walnut Hollow. This is my first attempt at using this leather branding tool and I must say it is fun to use. The tips are mini flow point, calligraphy point and shading point and I am using the mini flow point for this tutorial.
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Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft


LIVE with GREG MERCER 🎙 I How to Sell Private Label I Jungle Scout

LIVE with GREG MERCER 🎙 I How to Sell Private Label I Jungle Scout

Tune in to our weekly #AMA session with Greg Mercer, founder of Jungle Scout, where he’ll be answering your questions on how to sell on Amazon, be successful, make money online with Private label selling, being a digital nomad and entrepreneurship!

Check out our website for more on how to sell on Amazon, be a freedom builder and make money from anywhere –!

Watch live with Greg Mercer, as he answers all your questions in full detail! Stay tuned to hear from the successful Amazon seller himself!

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More Than A Name: An Introduction to Online Branding Strategy

More Than A Name: An Introduction to Online Branding Strategy

How are you shaping people’s perceptions of your business?

Your website, advertising, colours, logo, personal presentation – these all create your “brand”. Branding is all of the ways you establish an image of your company in your customers’ eyes. Whether that image is consistent and professional or conflicting and obtuse depends on how you market each of these concepts. Ultimately, what your customers say about your brand is the reality.

Join for a webinar discussion on learning some basic steps toward establishing your brand and creating a positive impression in the minds of your customers.


Tourism stakeholders in Uganda call for better branding strategies
"You Need a Content Branding Guide: Here’s Why and How to Begin Creating One" by Mandy Gardner
What are some important components of a good branding strategy? By Burkey Belser

What are some important components of a good branding strategy? By Burkey Belser

Burkey Belser is the author of 25 years of Legal Branding, and also president and creative director of Greenfield/Belser. Over the past 40 years, he has led teams that have won hundreds of awards in every major field of graphic design: identity, collateral, web, periodicals. Burkey has been inducted into the Washington Art Directors Club Hall of Fame and is a Hall of Fame member of the Legal Marketing Association. He is LMA’s only recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Burkey Belser provides his explanation of a strong branding strategy which he states starts with organizational leadership. He also points to the importance of courage, research, creativity in brand strategy and what he considers the most important element of all – staying the course and not abandoning the brand.

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Spicing up the living room

Living room, sitting room… it doesn’t matter what you call it. This is the room has one main purpose – be a comfortable space where everyone can chill!

Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes decorating your living gives it that burst of energy it needs. These living room ideas I’m about to list below might give you some ideas and inspiration to freshen things up!

1) Change up your pillows! – If you don’t want to go all out, changing somehting like your pillows is a small and cheap change that can give you big results! You can also consider perhaps using a throw for your couch. You can go for the traditional look and get hand-tufted rugs to go over the couch too!

2) Change the lampshades– Give your room that burst of energy it needs and change up your lampshades. Lampshades aren’t too expensive and if you’re stuck for ideas you can take your lamp to the local retailer and try on different kinds there!

3) Get new wallpaper – Wallpaper is a great way to inject some bold and bright colours or designs into a room. Consider just putting wallpaper on one wall or perhaps half of a wall. Wallpaper panels can add that big of drama a room needs.

4) Consider getting new radiators – New radiators won’t just look great they will also help retain the heat in your house. You will also save money too and the new radiators are less likely to waste heat. You get different types of radiators, stainless steel and aluminum and cast-iron. They have different benefits, so, for example, aluminium and steel take a shorter amount of time to heat up, so require less water to get the right temperature. This makes it cheaper.

If you’re stuck why don’t you check out

  • and see if they can assist you in your search for a new radiator!

    5) A fresh paint of coat – Sometimes all your living room needs is a fresh coat of paint to brighten things up! We’re all so busy that we forget to keep on top of things and don’t realize how worn out our walls actually are.

    6) Set the Tone with Artwork – Do it yourself and you can add some originality to the room! show your personality and its a great conversation starter for you!

    There are a lot of small things you can do in your living room to brighten things up. When redesigning your living room keep these tips in mind.

    1) – Energize a living room that isn’t that bold with a few little surprises here and there.Perhaps an eye popping color or a weird shape! You could get an abstract painting or go for polka dot wall paper!

    2) – Use the color of the room to set the tone. Warm colors like yellow, orange and red will inspire conversations and give the room a warm feeling. These types of colors tend to make a small space seem much bigger. Your cool colors are blue, green or purple.

    Hopefully, these tips will help!

    How startups can ensure their marketing and branding complement their distribution strategy?