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6 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly in 2018

6 Advanced Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Quickly in 2018


I created a more updated & advanced version of how you can grow your Instagram in 2018. I am using some key examples that we have implemented with some of our clientele and what has worked. You can take the same strategies and implement them to your brand.

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I am the founder of a Creative Ad Agency, Breakthrough Social, that has helped over 20+ Businesses build their brand mainly through Content & Influencer Marketing, Targeted Campaigns, Video Marketing, and other developing techniques. Some of my previous and current clients include Safavieh (grown ~35-40% in sales year after year + a social following from 3k – 330k (April 2017) in less than 2 years), SoJo Spa Club, Peter Coppola Beauty, Kat Burki, Corcoran Group, 40 Day Reset, ImPretty Fit, Garber Legal, Bahadaring Realty, Rug Editeur, Dr. Amir Marashi from Brooklyn GYN Place, Tender Restaurant & Haven Rooftop in NYC, Sanctuary Hotel, Impulsive Group (Hospitality Group), Fragrance Group, Everyday Botanicals, and much more. I also own over 30 + Instagram ranging between 50k – 1 mil+ Followers in different niches (Humor, Lifestyle/Home Decor, Travel, Health/Fitness, & Beauty)



BREAKTHROUGH SOCIAL (Creative Ad/Social Media Marketing Agency)


BRAND NEW TRADE UPDATE | Cheating the Trade System in Madden 18

BRAND NEW TRADE UPDATE | Cheating the Trade System in Madden 18

We show you how you can make a trade WITHOUT getting brought all the way back to your team. The trade system still works, but it is a hassle to make trades. We have contacted EA about this issue and we’re waiting for a response back. Until then, we will continue to help you trade for draft picks and players showing multiple different ways to do it.

Our forums will be active very soon. We are having some technical issues with the login/register. Once it is resolved we’ll give an update here as well as our Twitter: @tips4gamers_g. We’re adding a bunch of topics for Madden 18, any topics you would like to see just let us know. Our forum is here:

Players to trade for on our website:
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Also visit us at ➤ for significantly more in-depth Madden 18 tips, cheats and strategies for MUT, and players to trade for at every position.

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Creating Brand Awareness Goals With Lee Scott | The Brand Doctor | Unique Designz

Creating Brand Awareness Goals With Lee Scott | The Brand Doctor | Unique Designz


Henry Kaminski, Jr., founder of, a full­-service graphic design, branding, and marketing company, shares with you the fundamentals of branding and how to apply it to your business to help you grow and prosper.

Daily videos will be about
– Ways to help boost brand presence and messaging so that they can better connect with your audience
– Business building strategies to help grow and scale your business
– Strategies on creative design to help elevate the status of your brand so that you can attract higher quality clients

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Debunking The "Russ" Strategy For Growing Your Fan Base
Brand Startup Co. - Who Are We?

Brand Startup Co. – Who Are We?

What Is Brand Startup Co.? It is an online learning platform that teaches businesses owners, freelancer, bloggers, and startups how to launch and grow their company. We teach topics on branding, marketing, web design and wordpress.

You will learn from real professionals teaching you how real company’s are implementing strategies for their business. Topics like logo design, Facebook advertising, custom web sites and digital marketing we cover it all!

So if you are looking to launch or grow your business and you struggle with understanding the step by step process, head over and check us out at See you in the first lesson!


Identifying Your Brand

Identifying Your Brand

In this video, Emily Hoover will outline the basics of branding, how to work with a graphic designer, and key design considerations that every business owner should be prepared to make:

• The Branding Basics
• Types of Logos
• Classic and Contemporary Styles
• Color Strategies
• Finding the Right Designer
• Preparing to Work With A Designer


EP#15 - How to create a Brand Mission Statement!

EP#15 – How to create a Brand Mission Statement!

Every brand needs a mission statement. You can consider your mission statement as the address of your friend’s house when you arrive and in a foreign country for the first time to meet him. Without it, you are lost.

In this video, I talk to you about the importance of a brand mission statement and how to go about creating one!

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