What is the relationship between Consumer Price, Retailer Margin and Brand Gross Profit
Persona Branding Accelerator Masterclass - How to Use Brand Positioning to Increase Sales

Persona Branding Accelerator Masterclass – How to Use Brand Positioning to Increase Sales

Do you have a great product or service and you’re not selling enough?

One of the top reasons SME/SMB businesses fail is because they don’t build a strong brand even though they invest in a good logo, website and brochures.

If you want to increase your sales you need to invest in your branding strategy which goes way beyond just design.

Hello, my name is Lorraine Carter, founder of Persona Branding & Design.

Join me inside my new 6 week, complimentary, fast injection, branding masterclasses to unlock the exact systems and processes used to build standout brands with big-brand know-how.

This week we’re focussing on Brand Positioning.

Brand positioning is used by all the most successful brands in the world, small and large because its one of the most effective ways to become a market and industry leader.

In fact, in my experience of working with multiple brands across different sectors, nationally and internationally, over the last twenty plus years, those businesses that didn’t have absolute clarity over their brand positioning really struggled badly.

Branding is NOT marketing or design but the bedrock foundation supporting and directing your whole business so your brand positioning is a critical part of the strategy underpinning your business and enabling you to stand out strongly because with strong positioning you can command a premium and increase sales.

So here’s the thing, in order for your brand to have an impact you need to identify and craft a positioning statement that clearly defines why you’re different from everyone else while also reflecting your strengths and competitors’ weaknesses.

Your new brand positioning then becomes one of the key cornerstones of your brand strategy so you amplify and leverage it to the full across all your marketing and design.

So by the end of this week’s Branding Accelerator Masterclass you’ll know:
1. How strong brand positioning creates a powerful, profitable brand
2. Be able to write and validate your positioning statement
3. The 7 brand positioning factors for brand success
4. What positioning is versus USP

You’ll also get my complimentary 20 page Brand Positioning workbook accompanying this live streaming masterclass so you’re enabled to implement all these insider tips and get results faster to build your brand and grow your business.

It’s also your opportunity to pick my brains and leverage over 20 years of award-winning, branding expertise so you’re empowered to transform your brand and increase your sales.

Click the link for more details and secure your spot now.

To find out more, drop us a line to E: events@personadesign.ie
or you can get in touch using the contact details on our site

T: +353 1 8322724


Olson O-Tern 2018 | Brand Strategy
Building a Long Term Investment Index out of OSRS Items! [OSRS] Long Term Investment Strategy!

Building a Long Term Investment Index out of OSRS Items! [OSRS] Long Term Investment Strategy!

Hey guys, and welcome to a brand new investment video. Today I thought I would attempt to compare real life retirement planning, to the OSRS economy!

I want to preface this by saying that I am not an expert in any way. Some of this information might be incorrect, feel free to correct me of course 🙂

I am going to be building a long term investment index out of OSRS items!. To do this we fist have to go figure out what items have been performing well over the last few years. Like any good investment, you want to diversify the types of assets you own. So we are going to try and find some investments that would be similar to real world bonds.

And of course you need to invest some of your money into osrs bitcoin, so we will try to find some items like that as well. In the end I am going to show you how to retire at the age of 65 in oldschool runescape. After retirement, you will finally be able to actually play the game.

Thanks for watching!

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Bad Company Culture (Brand Culture) impacts Marketing Results, Javad Ahmadi - Marketing Tips

Bad Company Culture (Brand Culture) impacts Marketing Results, Javad Ahmadi – Marketing Tips

Bring Efficiency to Your Marketing & Branding Initiatives by Leveraging Your Brand Culture.

Javad Ahmadi is the brand builder, marketer and founder of Alive ProStudios. He is a strategic thinker and visual problem solver. For the past 25 years, he has built brands from concept to successful businesses.

Javad’s holistic approach to branding and marketing is the secret behind his success.

His promise is making a significant and measurable positive impact on your brand… everything from brand strategy, brand experience, positioning, identity, unique value proposition, to performance and most importantly growth.

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Instagram Marketing :  9 Steps To Build Content Strategy & Increase Brand Awareness

Instagram Marketing : 9 Steps To Build Content Strategy & Increase Brand Awareness

You have a hard time increasing your brand awareness and creating a content strategy for your marketing campaign? Or simply don’t have an idea how you should start in terms of Instagram marketing promotion? With this video you wouldn’t wonder anymore. Without a proper Instagram Content Strategy you can’t build an effective marketing campaign. Instagram has quickly grown into one of the biggest social networks with both a mobile and web presence. The power of visual content is becoming increasingly important for marketers. Studies show that the visual appeal matters in 93% of cases when people go to make a purchase.

And that is why I created this video (Which would be part of video series I would be uploading called Instagram Marketing Tips) so I can give you the foundation on which you would create a massive instagram content strategy and build your brand even more,which by itself would lead to a highly effective marketing campaign.

Based on your objectives and targeted audience your should try to create a framework which would present your business in the most effective way in terms of increasing your following,brand awareness and getting conversion. And that is exactly what I outlined for you ,from my own experience.

The most powerful marketing comes from defining your goals and creating a strategy .That is why I named this video Instagram Marketing Tips . In this video You would understand what are the first and most crucial steps every ,brand,business or individual should take when starting of in instagram with the goal of creating a following,increasing the audience they have and their brand awareness in a really big way!

I would like to get your opinion on some other aspects you have stumbled upon and create a discussion!

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Building Better Brands A Comprehensive Guide to Brand Strategy and Identity Development
Bina Jenama di Media Digital Highlight eUsprint Petaling Jaya Sifu Branding

Bina Jenama di Media Digital Highlight eUsprint Petaling Jaya Sifu Branding

I hope You Enjoy Our Sample Content Marketing Video.

Saya berharap anda menikmati contoh Video pemasaran dan branding terbitan kami.

Salam, Saya JAFNI dari Sifu Branding.com adalah TEAM penerbit isi kandungan dari Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pakar Penerbitan Rancangan TV berjenama untuk televisyen, Media baru, sosial Media, Video pemasaran dan Jenama sejak tahun 2000

Kami juga menawarkan Video Pemasaran Masterclass buat rakyat Malaysia

Video kandungan pemasaran strategi untuk perniagaan Online di Malaysia

Kursus Masterclass intensif 2 hari ini adalah merupakan siri pembelajaram asas Pemasaran Video melalui Youtube dalam membantu pemilik perniagaan untuk memanfaatkan video untuk memasarkan produk dan perkhidmatan kepada pelanggan secara maksima,

Belajar bagaimana untuk menjadi lebih kreatif dalam perniagaan dengan mencipta isi kandungan yang melibatan pengguna.

HELLO, WE ARE JAFNI from Sifu Branding.com
WE ARE TEAM OF CONTENT Creator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
SPECIALISTS Producing for Television, New Media, Social Media & Video Marketing for Youtube since 2000

The Idea of creating branded content is an interactive way to connect with a consumer audience. It creates an intimate personal conversation A better way to generate interaction with a touch of inspired storytelling.
JAFNI can support you through the entire process of ideation to developing content  – from the initial creative process, to pre production, production, post-production and publish your video on Facebook, YouTube, and other web and mobile platforms.
We assist to help you share your story with Highly commercial value of production by managing the price to create a branded content that is personal, relevant and unforgettable.
JAFNI provides to all its clients a full service support on every aspect concerning Creating New Content on Television & also New Media.
Incorporated in 2010, as an company to provide complete Content Consultancy and one-stop-center for High Definition media.

We offer you that we love to do

Branded Content Developer
Branded content is any content that can be associated with a brand in the eye of the beholder.

Social Media Production
The process in which digital files are created, enhanced, encoded, and distributed using numerous methods.

Visual content for digital platforms (smartphones, tablets and PCs) linkable visual content.

Developing content that informs and also persuades the reader/ viewer/ listener to take action.

Video Content Marketing
Art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling.

Keyword Generator
Get answers to your most frequently asked questions about keyword

Content is the fundamental building block for growing your business through digital world.
Content creation is important to a marketing campaign.

With the right content, your company can greatly improve its visitors, subscribers, and share ability.
This is why we can say that content creation rules the internet.

Other Offer
Online Video Content Marketing & Master Class Malaysia
Video Content Marketing Strategy For Businesses in Malaysia

This intensive 2 Day Masterclass course is a Content Marketing Driven focused to helps businesses owner to leverage video for maximum customer experience, develop new business opportunities and gain extra milage in using a video content in Social Media.

Learn how to be creative by creating with consumer engagement.
Acknowledge that Television is not as effective anymore.
Online consumers expect different engagement and interactions in every message that a content try to deliver.

This 2 day Masterclass will helps marketers and companies to develop the right video with amazing Branding strategy, the engaging content with right techniques for increasing traffic, views and, ultimately, conversions.

And start your next project together
We love hearing from our future customers.
We really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch. Please email us at sifubranding@gmail.com

*please note: We will get back to you shortly, usually within 2-3 days.

Also note that if you send an email on a Friday, We may get back to you only on the following Tuesday.

If you are contacting us for a business proposal or branded content please mention it in your message.

We’re looking forward to hearing with you!


Evolution Review - A Brand New Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Evolution Review – A Brand New Affiliate Marketing Strategy


Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll discover inside Evolution:

How to get started right away even if you’re a complete beginner to affiliate marketing

The step-by-step process to get EVOLUTION setup

How to get free/paid traffic flowing quickly, including some unusual places to get free traffic you’ve probably never thought of!

How to earn your first dollars using the EVOLUTION strategy

Want to keep the income rolling in? Join the Facebook Group for private members and stay up to date with case studies and tips

How to scale EVOLUTION to a “quit-your-job” level of income. This could be the LAST training course you ever need

6 Module Video Training. 6 Modules with over 10 videos explaining how your subscribers can make money with affiliate marketing without using a list, website, autoresponder, or blackhat techniques

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Today I play Bloons TD X or BTDX (BTD X) which is a new, fan-made bloons game, introducing a lot of new towers and bloons and tons of new stuff!

This fan-game is made by Ramaf Party.

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