Personal Branding Strategy | How To Use Your Business Email Address to Brand YOU!

Personal Branding Strategy | How To Use Your Business Email Address to Brand YOU!

– Personal Branding Strategy | How To Use Your Business Email Address to Brand YOU!

Well in today’s video I will be sharing how to use a business email address to brand yourself and still use your personal email account for business. I know most people would love know how to use their business email address when sending out and receiving message via email. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use your personal email for business, by no means that not what I’m saying, but when it comes to a personal branding strategy you ,might want to use your own brand that will brand you as a leader in the marketplace.

Let’s dive into this strategy as I show you how to setup your email in this matter.

Steps to get started with this Personal Branding Strategy:

Personal Branding Strategy – Buy your Domain

Personal Branding Strategy – Create a business email address with that domain

Personal Branding Strategy – Send a copy from the business email address to your personal email

Personal Branding Strategy – If using your personal email for business, be sure to send all mail as YOUR business email address. (Note: People will only see your branded business email address and not Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, or etc.) (ex.

Personal Branding Strategy | Buying Your Very Own Domain

First thing that you will want to do is buy your domain at a hosting providing. This will be your own domain that brands YOUR name. You can either buy this GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator, and many more. These are just some of the top names that most top producers are using. In this video, I use GoDaddy and we will use this of example as of right now.

See this video here to see how or see the replay here…

Once you have selected and purchased your own domain, you can now begin to create an email account inside of GoDaddy using this domain. (For example; info@YOURDOMAINNAME.COM).
Now that you got your business email address setup you can now send all of you business contact to this address instead of your personal email account.

Since I got my business email address, do I still use my personal email such as: Gmail, Yahoo, AOL?

To answer this question….No! You can still use your personal email. As a matter of fact, you are still going to use your personal email to catch all of your business email in one central place. Watch the video in this post to see how to hook all of this up and get to branding yourself as soon as possible.

If you want to know more about this personal branding strategy and how to brand yourself as a leader I the marketplace, even if you have no value to offer, I have a special video for you to watch. Watch it now and see how top producers are attracting prospects daily with this personal branding strategy!

Click here for instant access….

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Strategic Branding: From Behavioural Insights to Business Growth Programme | London Business School

Strategic Branding: From Behavioural Insights to Business Growth Programme | London Business School

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A business’s most valuable asset is its customers. The Strategic Branding: From Behavioural Insights to Business Growth 5-day programme provides senior decision-makers with the skills to gain and leverage customer and managerial insights. The key aim of this programme is to enhance your ability to build and manage brands to drive profits and organic growth.


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The Jigsaw Method

The Jigsaw Method

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Schmitt. GmbH Branding. Strategy. Design.
Schmitt. GmbH Branding. Strategy. Design. - English
Create An Authentic Brand

Create An Authentic Brand

You can’t be of any value to anyone, if you aren’t first being authentic, and true to yourself. Entrepreneurs must create an authentic brand.


How many of us have changed like chameleons to win someone else’s approval only to feel it’s just too difficult to continue doing whatever it was we did to win it?

Or how many times have you eventually opened up to reveal your true self – in any kind of relationship – only to be stomped on because your true self didn’t live up to the expectations your acting job sold on your behalf?

Surely it would be much easier to just BE yourself all the time…

To be true to who you are inside, and just naturally surround yourself with people who admire and share those qualities….

Right? To be AUTHENTIC and allow the Universe to sort out who plays what part in your life.

But, most businesses never learned this lesson, and are “acting” like something they’re not… and suffering for it.

Lately I’ve been wondering why we, as entrepreneurs, are taught almost the opposite when starting a business.

In the last several years, there’s been a great deal of talk about following your passion in your business.

Certainly I’m a big proponent of this. But realists will point out that just because you have a passion for something, doesn’t mean it’s marketable. And, whenever you’re starting a business – and especially if you plan to seek funding from investors, you’re going to need a solid business plan that outlines a “need” you’ve found in some market and how you plan to fulfill that need with your product or service.

Now, that’s the traditional way – the very well established and accepted way – of starting any business.

I want to start a business.

I’ve figured out that this particular demographic over here has what appears to be a need for a particular solution.

They like things a certain way, and I’ve figured out a way to BE that solution I think they want.

My investors are happy because I’ve shown them ample evidence of this perceived need, and shown them my ability to produce a product or service we all think they’ll buy.

My friends and family are all supportive of this new venture of mine because, when I explained it to them, it made sense how I could make a lot of money selling my solution to fix this particular group’s problem.

Oddly, there are a bunch of questions that neither my investors and partners, nor my friends or family thought to ask me…

How do I feel about providing this solution?

How does producing this product or service fit into my own life’s goals and ambitions?

How does this particular group in need that I’ve identified fit with me personally?

How do I fit in with them?

And most importantly, how long will it be before I’d rather gouge my eyes out with hot pokers than spend another day providing this solution to this particular group of people because I’m not really doing anything with my life or business remotely close to what I really want to be doing???

Finding a niche and fulfilling a need is great.

But when you need to change the way you present yourself, or do work that doesn’t feed your Soul, simply to maintain a business you started so you could be attractive to some group of people, it becomes impossible to sustain.

You can’t do it forever, or even for very long. That’s why so many businesses go out of business in the first year.

You need to be authentic first, and then fulfill someone else’s needs.

You need to feed yourself first, spiritually, then do the action work to solve others’ problems.

You need to make sure you are fulfilled, and uplifted first, or you will never maintain any strength to fulfill or uplift another.


Fuelblue creates videos for entrepreneurs. Bobby Donohue discusses branding strategies and tactics, as well as the business mindset needed for success.

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Business Branding Strategies That Build a Buzz

Business Branding Strategies That Build a Buzz

Business Branding Strategies That Build a Buzz

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Watch this brand building masterclass to find out how to build a BUZZ around YOUR brand and kick start your strategy to get it right – FIRST TIME!

You already know how to get more visibility to your business, right? But how do you know if you are starting in the right place? What happens if you focus your money, energy and time into something that is no longer effective in today’s world?

A piece of music has many notes. When played in the right order, they create harmony. Marketing is similar, in that there are many different ways you can draw attention to your business and when launched in the right sequence, it will produce a harmony between your business, your ideal customers and therefore your bank balance. Get it even slightly wrong however and it could send your business totally off key. So…

Where Is The Right Place To START?
Who Should You TARGET First?
What Are The Best Ways To ATTRACT Your Ideal Customers?
How Can You Create A Message People Will RELATE To?
When Is The Best TIME To Target Your Ideal Customers?
How Can You ENGAGE Them Into A Lifetime Relationship?
How Can You Make Your Brand RADIATE More Than Anyone Else In Your Industry?

On this brand building masterclass, you will be shown exactly how to get it right first time in YOUR business, so you don’t have to make the same past mistakes we made when growing our businesses!

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Branding Guidelines | University of Oregon Pit Crew


Samuel Scott will discuss how to create and use traditional branding strategy in the context of modern digital and online channels. The webinar will address tactics including:
How to write effective messaging and positioning to communicate a brand’s unique value proposition and product differentiation
How to apply that branding to one’s content and targeted marketing audiences
How to use the branding in SEO, social media, and other similar contexts
How the branding messages can be incorporated into public relations and publicity activities to gain the best links