Personal Branding Course: Brand Strategy and Communicating your Value

Personal Branding Course: Brand Strategy and Communicating your Value

Come over to to find out why you shouldn’t spend a dime on marketing until you brand from within. Get all your questions answered on creating your personal brand strategy and how to maximize your marketing ROI.

#WhyPower In this video, we’re going to be talking about your brand strategy. And I’m going to be walking you through the brand strategy process. We’ve covered a lot of the pieces of developing your brand, so in this video we’re going to pull it all together.

Your brand strategy process, at the end of the day, is really looking at the internal factors — your strengths, your values, your unique positioning — and then looking at the external landscape, which is your audience, their needs and your wants, and the competitive landscape and connecting the two to build your brand. That way it’s relevant, so the elements of your brand are your brand story, your brand image, your unique positioning in the marketplace, your competitive positioning, and then your brand message.

We talked about that in the previous videos. Please go back and check them out.

Your brand strategy can drive your business to success by connecting who you are, your internal, your strengths, your values, your unique positioning with the needs of your ideal audience. If you are creating a brand based on that, you have a focused and brand driven business.

To give you an example of how powerful brand strategy is to businesses, the most highly valued companies on the financial markets are brand driven. You talk to any CEO and they’ll attribute a lot of their growth to their brand.

For example, if you look at Coca-cola, probably 60 percent of the value of their business is associated with the premium of their brand. Very little of their valuation is actually based on their assets.

There are numerous examples of that. That’s why it is so important to have a strategy based on your brand, and you don’t need to be a big business. You can be a small business and go through this inside out process.

If you would like more information on developing your brand strategy and creating your #WhyPower in business and life, go to the link below and you’ll be able to download your free worksheet at


Personal Branding Course: How to Research the Competition

Personal Branding Course: How to Research the Competition

Come over to to find out why you shouldn’t spend a dime on marketing until you brand from within. Get all your questions answered on creating your personal brand strategy and how to maximize your marketing ROI.

#WhyPower In this vidoe, we talk about market research, and specifically looking at your competitors or peers. Technically, there are no competitors, because you’re uniquely you, and once you find your sweet spot, there’s no competition. When you are starting out, looking at your competition is one of the best ways to avoid making costly mistakes.

What do I mean by that? When you look at your competition and research what they’ve done, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and do a simple chart of listing out who they serve, how they describe themselves on their website, and the marketing tactics that they use, you have a snapshot, so you know the gaps that you can fulfill. You know the strengths that you have in your business, that you can build and enhance them.

The most important thing to remember when you are researching your competition is to be grounded in who you are and what you stand for. We covered those in the previous days. If you haven’t looked at those, please go back and look at that, because what happens when we start looking at the competition when we are not really clear on our strengths and the value you provide is that we start going in different directions.

We start being easily influenced, and we end up sounding like everybody else and it’s not the authentic business that you want to be getting out into the world.

But when you are clear on the value your business provides, instead of seeing threats, you see opportunities to collaborate. You see all these opportunities to be different, how you could do things differently and better, and ways to enhance the strengths in your business.

If you would like more information on how to research the competition so it saves you a lot of time and money and you don’t have to start from scratch, go to

And more…find your #WhyPower – the keys to a successful and fulfilling life at


Charlene Day Testimonial for Sade Dennis' Branding Strategy and Headshot
Sweet Home Timmins, Ontario (Parody of Timmins' new branding strategy)

Sweet Home Timmins, Ontario (Parody of Timmins’ new branding strategy)

**UPDATE: The city council met and discussed the concerns people were having. Looks like more discussion about various parts of the strategy are under way. They will not be using the quote below any further.

Timmins is getting rebranded and we don’t agree with what the strategy is making Timmins out to be.

Quote from the Article:
“Tim Hortons, not Starbucks
Ford F-150, not VW Bug
John Wayne, not Hugh Grant
Steak, not sushi
Hockey, not ribbon dancing
The Magnificent Seven, not Wuthering Heights”

Our singer, Kylah Eide’s youtube page:

Here is our satirical take on that section of the city’s rebranding:

Gimme ma Timmies n’ keep on truckin’
Keep your Kia, get away from my Ford
Singin’ songs about the Northland
Kick Hugh Grant out the door (but he can’t take the train no more)

Well I heard MIss Bree wrote about us
Aims for fame from the Daily Press
Well I hope young Bree will remember
A Northern town don’t need her around, anyhow!

Sweet home Timmins, Ontario
Where the snow is so white
Like my friends n’ ma family
Up in Timmins we doin’ it right

In Toronto they got tha gang wars (bang, bang, bang)
Well up here it’s us against the bears
You braggin’ bout your education
Ain’t nobody here that cares (what’s a BA anyway?)

Someone get Miss Bree a Chez Nous
Bring’r for a dip in Gillie’s Lake
some honey garlic flavoured Whacky Wings
Ma favourite sushi’s called A STEAK

I ain’t blinded by the bright lights
Timmins far as the eye can see
Enjoy your smog and your commute
Timmins you n’ Timmins me


The greatest TED Talk ever sold - Morgan Spurlock
Brand Identities for Cities: Enhancing Graphic Designer Expertise in City Branding Practice

Brand Identities for Cities: Enhancing Graphic Designer Expertise in City Branding Practice

City branding has emerged as unique branding practice within the last decade, encouraging research in related disciplines such as place marketing, urban development, visual communication and graphic design. Although the graphic design field has played a significant role in creating a city’s visual identity, graphic design as a stand-alone practice will not be accounted as an effective engagement in city branding development. Therefore, graphic designers should be encouraged to actively and comprehensively collaborate with other disciplines in order to produce sustainable and successful city branding.
City branding has become recognized as vital to a city’s tourism economy and graphic designers have been detached from the city branding team hierarchy, to become primarily a serve outcome, rather than regarded as an essential element to the whole city branding process. Place marketing scholars restrain the graphic designer expertise to produce an impactful visual identity that leads to a successful city branding strategy. In fact, graphic designers are qualified to be involved in city branding strategy as they have design thinking skills which is the embodiment of skills of research, creative thinking and visual thinking.
This research project draws on skills in visual research, design research and graphic design thinking, to expose how graphic designer is vital to all facets of city branding development, drawing on case studies of successful and unsuccessful city branding strategies. It examines the work of influential city brand identity designers and case studies of graphic design students’ studio project to approach a model of city logo development. The outcome of this research will be a guideline for city visual identities development within a graphic design context that is beneficial for city governments, place marketers, graphic design consultants, advertising bureau, graphic design educators, and graphic design students or parties that are interested in developing successful city branding strategies.

By Octaviyanti Wahyurini and Kartika Wardani


How to Build a Brand | Strategic Planning Process in Branding | Sammy Blindell

How to Build a Brand | Strategic Planning Process in Branding | Sammy Blindell

BrandExpertTips. Today’s daily branding tip about the strategic planning process in branding comes from a message we received through our Facebook page from Deborah Abbott. Find out more on our website or become a fan at

Deborah watched our video on ‘What is your BIG reason WHY?’ and in it I talk about creating vision boards, so Deborah asked me:
‘What is the best way to create your vision boards?’

Watch this video to find out what I did to create my own vision boards and get some tips on how you can create yours too.

The vision board app that I mention in this video is called Your Dream Timeline and you can find a link to it here:

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Cher Jones sharing branding strategies  at Podcamp Toronto 2013 Ryerson University Part 4
Cher Jones sharin branding strategies at Podcamp Toronto 2013 at Ryerson Univesity Part 3
Winners and Losers in the Automotive Branding Wars - Autoline After Hours 184

Winners and Losers in the Automotive Branding Wars – Autoline After Hours 184

If you want to stick out from the crowd in this ever more-busy, social media-laden, fifteen-seconds-of-fame world, there’s only one way to do it and stay there: good, solid branding. To that end, we’ve got the guy who wrote the book on branding, literally. Charlie Hughes is the author of “Branding Iron” and the former head of Land Rover North America. We’ll be asking him to help us identify the winners and losers in the branding game. As per usual, we’ll be getting into the news of the week as well: Volkswagen has just announced that its super-efficient XL1 will actually be going into production; Danica Patrick became the first woman ever to qualify in the pole position for the Daytona 500; and the New York Times and Tesla’s Elon Musk duke it out in public. Joining John McElroy in studio to talk about all that and much more, is co-host Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, Frank Markus from Motor Trend and Gary Vasilash from Automotive Design & Production.

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