Spicing up the living room

Living room, sitting room… it doesn’t matter what you call it. This is the room has one main purpose – be a comfortable space where everyone can chill!

Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes decorating your living gives it that burst of energy it needs. These living room ideas I’m about to list below might give you some ideas and inspiration to freshen things up!

1) Change up your pillows! – If you don’t want to go all out, changing somehting like your pillows is a small and cheap change that can give you big results! You can also consider perhaps using a throw for your couch. You can go for the traditional look and get hand-tufted rugs to go over the couch too!

2) Change the lampshades– Give your room that burst of energy it needs and change up your lampshades. Lampshades aren’t too expensive and if you’re stuck for ideas you can take your lamp to the local retailer and try on different kinds there!

3) Get new wallpaper – Wallpaper is a great way to inject some bold and bright colours or designs into a room. Consider just putting wallpaper on one wall or perhaps half of a wall. Wallpaper panels can add that big of drama a room needs.

4) Consider getting new radiators – New radiators won’t just look great they will also help retain the heat in your house. You will also save money too and the new radiators are less likely to waste heat. You get different types of radiators, stainless steel and aluminum and cast-iron. They have different benefits, so, for example, aluminium and steel take a shorter amount of time to heat up, so require less water to get the right temperature. This makes it cheaper.

If you’re stuck why don’t you check out

  • https://www.traderadiators.com/acatalog/brands.html
  • and see if they can assist you in your search for a new radiator!

    5) A fresh paint of coat – Sometimes all your living room needs is a fresh coat of paint to brighten things up! We’re all so busy that we forget to keep on top of things and don’t realize how worn out our walls actually are.

    6) Set the Tone with Artwork – Do it yourself and you can add some originality to the room! show your personality and its a great conversation starter for you!

    There are a lot of small things you can do in your living room to brighten things up. When redesigning your living room keep these tips in mind.

    1) – Energize a living room that isn’t that bold with a few little surprises here and there.Perhaps an eye popping color or a weird shape! You could get an abstract painting or go for polka dot wall paper!

    2) – Use the color of the room to set the tone. Warm colors like yellow, orange and red will inspire conversations and give the room a warm feeling. These types of colors tend to make a small space seem much bigger. Your cool colors are blue, green or purple.

    Hopefully, these tips will help!

    Tips for retail shop fitting

    When doing retail shop fitting there is a lot of factors you need to consider such as lighting, signage, branding, storage, shelving, flooring, customer flow, color etc. If this is your first time or even if you have many stores under your belt, shop fitting can be a very daunting process! 

    The biggest goal a shop has is to get a customer in and getting them to buy something. This isn’t as easy as you would think though as you need to consider how attractive your shop looks, how pleasant of an experience it is for the customer to buy something etc etc

    So the biggest thing you need to consider when opening up a new shop is its location. How accessible is the place? do you have to park? are all the entrances clearly marked? do you have automatic sliding doors as these are great for people with prams or wheelchair users? 

    How good is the signage? Branding, logos, color etc are all really important. Your store has to look good if you want to bring customers in. 

    Store layout is really important too. You need to consider security, visibility and how optimized your floor space is. Your store must be planned and laid out efficiently. If you’re new to this consider getting in a shop fitting company like Allstar Joinery. 

    Employ a shop fitting company with a good reputation – don’t go cheap. You should get floor plan advice, advice on customer flow, merchandise and how you should position your equipment. 

    Do you need refrigeration or air conditioning? Again don’t go cheap and get a good reputable company in for this. They’re experts in this field and can provide you with much more information than I can here. 

    Lighting – This is overlooked by retail owners a lot but it is one of the most important factors in a shop fit out! Lighting can affect the mood of your customers so much! Look into getting LED lighting to save yourself on energy! 

    Professional looking counters! – a professional looking counter is a must in any circumstance. When your customers waiting in line you want them to be looking at a professional set up don’t you? You also want a setup where your employees can work effectively with enough space. 

    Flooring, plumbing and electrical – Getting yourself shop fitters who can design, plan and deliver bespoke requirements! 

    Security – Security is vital in today’s markets! you want to get a good CCTV system to increase your chance of catching thief! 

    These are all things to think about when opening up a new shop. If you’re going to do it yourself, spend some time carefully planning everything to make sure you don’t miss anything out. If you’re looking for a company get a reputable company with a good amount of reviews. Have a look at Allstar Joinery for your shop fitting needs.