Velocity Banking Detail Explanation

Velocity Banking Detail Explanation

See how you can save $180K on your mortgage by using this simple strategy. This is the details behind the strategy.

Zach Oehlman started investing in real estate over 5 years ago and has since built a team of real estate investors in Arizona and Chicago. His primary focus is on education and personal development to help people get started in real estate or take their real estate investing to the next level. He and his team is a firm believer that you need to have a local team of people to support you to take your business to the next level. This is why he started a local real estate investing club and leased a 2,400 sq/ft office for his team to meet and use on a daily basis. He has people that have been in the business over 35 years all the way down to people that are brand new and everyone in between. They cover fix and flips, wholesaling, multi-family, rentals, subject-tos, notes, tax liens/deeds, auctions, foreclosures, short sales, lease options, creative acquisitions, land development, commercial, and more.

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