Marketing Minute 024: “Be Part of My Story” (Branding Strategy) #MarketingMinute

Marketing Minute 024: “Be Part of My Story” (Branding Strategy) #MarketingMinute

Have you ever had someone tell you, “Hey, I had a dream about you last night.” And all of the sudden, you’re intrigued to hear what that person has to say, because that person’s story includes you. But in addition to you paying attention, something else happens. You feel more connected to that person because you’re now a player in that person’s story.

You keep hearing about connecting with customers. You keep hearing about brand storytelling. But are you combining these two concepts together to form deep, meaningful connections with your target audiences?

Building a brand story should not be done in a vacuum. This process should be an inclusive one that helps your customers feel comfortable integrating themselves into your narrative.

Purposefully leave space in your storyline for your various target audiences to share in the adventure that you’re creating. Let them add their flavor to your story. Let them revel in the mystery of your saga.

To form deep, meaningful connections, your potential customers need to see themselves in your brand, in your product offering, and in your story.

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