Cinderella Strategy – Personal Branding Workshop

Cinderella Strategy - Personal Branding Workshop

WALK THE TALK – What your personal brand says about you?

Do you hear a lot about creating a personal brand? Do you wonder, if you have one already? Do you worry about being authentic?
This workshop will help you discover what is personal branding, what are the key elements and how do you communicate your values while staying authentic. Few practical exercises will help you define your key attributes and skills and a road map though all brand touch points. The workshop is open to all professionals who want to stand out and establish themselves as thought leaders or experts in their fields.

Julita Davies | | STAR & BRAND
Julita Davies helps entrepreneurs and executives discover their personal brand, define their professional goals, and create online exposure. Julita runs workshops and consults professionals on their way to success, using the marketing principles and digital tools. She also works with companies that want to create a unique experience for their clients and foster their employees into company brand ambassadors.


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