Branding Strategy – How To Make Your Business More Likeable

Branding Strategy – How To Make Your Business More Likeable

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Branding Strategy – How To Make Your Business More Likeable

After years of doing business, studying business, and helping other businesses, one thing has become painfully clear.

People like doing business with people, not “businesses”. Which is why on todays episode we’re going to cover how to brand your business to be more likeable, and its easier than you think.

No matter what industry, market, or profession you’re in, people like doing business with people, and not “businesses”.

Even in the more formal Business-To-Business, or B2B industries, somewhere along the way, it’s going to be a person making the buying decision.

No matter how formal or rigid their organizational structure appears from the outside, on the inside, it’s still just a whole bunch of people.

So why then do some businesses try to push their corporate identity on their customers, or hide the fact that (heaven forbid) they actually have real people working for them?

It’s strange really.

And a bit of a branding paradox.

“Big and corporate” is no longer synonymous with safe and trusted. Rather, the terms “big and corporate” tend to invoke feelings of being:
-And selfish

None of the things you want to be associated with!

So what’s the alternative?

Well, whether you’re a multi-million dollar corporation, a solopreneur, or an up and coming design firm with 5 employees, you get to decide just how much “you”, you’re going to show the world.

The beauty is that the more “you” you show, the more likeable your company becomes.

Your customers crave interaction.

They crave personalization.

And they crave behind the scenes access, and feeling like an insider.

The more special you can make your customers feel by sharing, the more they’ll reward you with their loyalty.

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