Social Media Angel Nudge😇👊🏽 Branding & Touchpoints

Social Media Angel Nudge😇👊🏽 Branding & Touchpoints

One of the things that I think is really important around your social media content is that it all has a similar look and feel…. When people are on social media they are often not fully engaged in the process necessarily, they’re doing the endless scrolling of newsfeed….

And when somebody is interacting with your content they are also interacting before they have read it. So they might see an image or there is a colour or a style that you are using or, particularly fonts on the graphics side, and the look and feel of your content. That’s going in before the actual content itself is going in.

They are going to recognise that before they actually get into it – and it could be that they just recognise that and they give you a like, or decide to read it or go on with the content because they have already built a relationship with you first.

Now if your branding is all over the place they are not going to recognise you when it comes up. I see this quite a lot with memes, people are creating memes but they are not sticking with two or three styles, they don’t have their logo on there, or they haven’t really clear brand values that stand out online.

One of the things that I would recommend is before you get started with all your content creation, or around the time you are getting started with your content creation, is finding those key brand values that are yours.

For me with my summer school I created as many films as possible while I was in Thailand while I could find these great beach locations because it’s part of the branding for that project. I use emojis a lot – so the key things I use- I incorporate into my brand elements. In fact I did it with my Social Media Angel logo – for anyone that’s seen it – I have a laptop that has coloured keyboards and people would stop me at conferences and in fact in cafes and say “omg I love your keyboard” – That’s a touchpoint. When someone has met me at a conference they may remember my laptop more than they remember me – who knows! But creating this connection point so that when they see my content – it connects.

Same for you. What are your brand elements? What’s happening in your real life, real world? That’s the place to go and find out what they are. Maybe it’s something as simple as what are your favour colours and start there – have a look at photo’s you take – are there themes? Are there things about yourself that you haven’t noticed that come up all the time? Or things that you do that are really unique to you that you can explore as part of your branding for social media…

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