Personal Branding Strategies 2017

Personal Branding Strategies 2017

Looking for personal branding videos, tips, tactics and real life branding examples? Look no further. Personal branding allows individuals to gain two very powerful marketing advantages.

They nearly eliminate the competition, because no other company, brand or individual can market and add value in the way that they do. In essence, they create their own vertical.

Strong personal brands gain likability and trust faster. This is due to the fact that they create a brand around themselves which allows consumers (AKA people) to get to know and like them much more quickly. Personal Branding moves people through the buying cycle much more quickly.

The buying cycle (as I wrote about in my book Trust Funnel).


In this branding video, I share tips and examples form my past. Building a brand is a powerful way to increase your results online and tremendously rewarding.

Poodle Wrangler
B to the G
Dig it.


Don’t just share your message.
Stake your claim and amplify it!

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I share the very strategies, tactics and rituals that have generated job ending results for myself and countless students. More importantly, my methods have allowed me to impact others in a positive way and they can help you to do the same.

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