The Importance of Brand Strategy Building Your Communications Plan

The Importance of Brand Strategy   Building Your Communications Plan

NC3T Webinar held on September 16, 2015
Every successful career pathways program benefits from having a strong branding and communications strategy. You want and need support from students, parents, business partners, and the community as your pathways initiative is developed or strengthened. To achieve this, all stakeholders must understand the unique benefits it provides them. Learn how an effective communications plan can engage stakeholders, leading to understanding and support and contributing to the program’s ability to sustain and grow over time.

Pam Daley, recognized national expert on branding and communication, will share tips and tactics specifically for educators who want to develop or improve their communications plan.

Hans Meeder, President of NC3T, will facilitate the discussion which will include the following topics:
•Fundamentals of a brand strategy
•Defining the benefits of your pathways initiative
•Building a marketing and communications plan

This webinar is the sixth in a series covering aspects of NC3T’s Pathways System Framework™ with a special focus on Cross Sector Partnerships.


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