Business Branding Book Review of Power Branding Secrets | Best Business Branding

Business Branding Book Review of Power Branding Secrets | Best Business Branding

Business Branding Book Review of Power Branding Secrets | Best Business Branding
An overview of my upcoming business branding book, “Power Branding Secrets.” 

I wrote Power Branding Secrets to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to develop brands that grow into enduring, profitable enterprises.  My purpose is to revive the ultimate Power Brand – America – and thus her economy.  A small band of tireless entrepreneurs, energetic innovators, and emphatic voices can reignite the American small business culture by retooling their branding and business protocols and filling in the gaps of omitted know-how.

Now I want to take 30 minutes to give an overview of how this business branding book can help you in your startup, small business or even an idea that has been brewing in your mind. 

Chapter List:

Preface: How Does One Create & Mold a Powerful Brand?
Chapter One: America the Brand: How to Revive Her
Chapter Two: The Current State of Small Business in America
Chapter Three: My Personal Pursuit of the American Dream
Chapter Four: W.W.W. – (The) World Wants Wisdom
Chapter Five: What is Branding?
Chapter Six: More on Value
Chapter Seven: The Branding Triangle
Chapter Eight: Trust
Chapter Nine: What Is Branded Content?
Chapter Ten: Blogging as Branded Content
Chapter Eleven: Making Content Work for the Sales Team
Chapter Twelve: What Is Content Marketing?
Chapter Thirteen: Crowdsourcing Your Branded Content
Chapter Fourteen: Supporting Your Branding with Infrastructure
Chapter Fifteen: Why Strategy is So Important
Chapter Sixteen: When Branding, Marketing and Sales Come Together
Chapter Seventeen: Audio-Visual Branded Content
Chapter Eighteen: Mobile Marketing and Your Power Brand
Chapter Nineteen: How to Properly Repurpose and Curate Your Content
Chapter Twenty: It’s All About Audience
Chapter Twenty-One: Amplifying Your Power Brand with Power Influencers
Chapter Twenty-Two: Social Media and Branded Content
Chapter Twenty-Three: Native Advertising
Chapter Twenty-Four: Marketing Automation
Chapter Twenty-Five: Power Branding and Public Relations
Chapter Twenty-Six: Distribution is Half the Work
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Branding & Our Real-time World
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Rousing Side of Power Branding
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Branding Yourself as an Author
Chapter Thirty: The Top Branding and Marketing Experts to Follow
Chapter Thirty-One: An Action Plan You Need to Implement
Chapter Thirty-Two: Where to Begin

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