Design, Branding, Sustainability Luxury of Interior Design (Case Study from Cyprus)

Design, Branding, Sustainability Luxury of Interior Design (Case Study from Cyprus)

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Purpose & Background of Dissertation:
Interior design has come a long way as an industry and is becoming more dynamic with three different type of players vying for the market share. International fashion brands with their premier collections, Interior / product brands with their mass marketed collections and the local interior designers with their customized human touch. Moreover, Sustainability in the entire value chain of interior design is becoming more of a necessity. With consumers preferring products that are more sustainable than the usual ones, there is a need for the local designers to learn from the established organizations and create a suitable branding and sustainability strategy. This dissertation discusses the major design processes, branding strategies, sustainability issues and consumer behavior in the interior design industry and provides recommendations for Orestis K. to succeed in the Cypriot market.

Structure of Dissertation:
The dissertation starts with the introduction and the background of the topic describing the importance of interior design, latest trends, difference in interior design product branding and sustainability trends. This part of the dissertation also discusses the value of the research and then provides the methodology outline. The next section is the literature review, which is the base of this dissertation and it talks about 4 main topics. The first part discusses the design process in three different types of interior design industries, followed by the branding strategy. Further the sustainability trends and barriers are discussed followed by consumer behavior patterns. Next section is the research methodology where the research design, data collection and data analysis methods are used. The next section is the analysis & discussion where the key findings have been summarized

Research Methodology:
Secondary research methodology has been used with focus on Qualitative data. Also, a Case based research has been presented to highlight specific findings. Main sources used include journal articles, internet articles, industry reports conference proceedings etc.

Interior Design, Sustainable design, Luxury brands, Interior product brands, Localization, Sustainable luxury, Branding Strategy, Cypriot Design Market, Consumer behavior, fashion.


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