Visual Branding Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Visual Branding Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Blogging, videos, product offerings, online presence and courses… entrepreneurs are continually refining their brand story. 

Creating a clear and compelling Brand Promise, the emotional experience we want to evoke in our customers every single time we engage with them, is the foundation of your business.

Because 90% of the information the brain processes is visual, you need a Visual Branding Strategy … a story that translates quickly to the customer in a way they can easily repeat to others. 

This week on The Possibility Partners Show we’re getting served a big ol’ heaping portion of badassary branding advice from The Branded Solopreneur and DIY Branding Expert Andrea ‘Dre’ Beltrami. 

Dre helps solopreneurs and small business entrepreneurs from around the world create a vision for their voice. She’s going to share her best tasty tidbits to help us implement effective visual marketing strategies for our businesses so we stand out online and reach our target customers.

Which will lead to that delicious of all outcomes:  loyal, repeat customers who become passionate word-of-mouth evangelists for your business. Be still my heart!

Are you ready to leverage the power of visuals to increase you brand awareness? 

Then please click on the PLAY button and get ready to rock your Badass Branding Self with Dre’s FAB advice!  

Got questions? Please comment below – thank you!

Thanks for tuning in – MUAH!

Ande Lyons


*About Andrea Beltrami*
Andrea ‘Dre’ Beltrami is a straight shooting, wine guzzling, sassy California girl who in 2012 traded in her miserable day job for her lifelong dream of self-employment. Over the last two years Dre has helped solopreneurs and small business entrepreneurs from around the world create a vision for their voice. She helps entrepreneurial badasses create visual strategies that propel their online success. 

To learn how to create an instantly recognizable brand that conveys your passion, purpose, personality and voice head over to and join Dre’s Badass Solopreneur Society today. It’s your right to be heard and she can help you do just that! Be sure to connect with Dre via the following social media platforms:


*About Ande*
An enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and four successful businesses to her credit, Ande is the founder and Chief Possibility Officer of *Possibility Partners*, where she mentors CEOs and helps startup and early stage entrepreneurs launch, brand and build their business dreams.


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