Personal Branding Strategies that work

Personal Branding Strategies that work

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If you want to enter into the realm of personal branding, then you need to be prepared. There are some key things that you should be doing to get your personal brand seen, recognised and remembered.
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The Personal Branding Mindset
 Understand the importance of having the right Personal Branding mindset
 Understand the “Think like a leader” Philosophy
 Understand the Principals of Attraction Marketing
 Understand the “Rockstar Mentality”

Identifying Your Personal Brand
 Your Primary goal is the creation of fans
 Test the pen example with someone you know (Page 1)
 Have a clear picture of what you want people to remember you for
 Write down all of your strengths and weaknesses
 Write down the strengths and weaknesses of all of your competitors
 Draw up comparisons on the tables provided

Your Strengths Your Weaknesses

Ask yourself, and answer honestly, these questions for your personal brand topic:-
Questions Yes No
Can you solve problems, add solutions and value in their lives?  
Does this Niche have a saturation point? Is it large enough for you to expand?  
Can you see yourself waking up every morning excited to get started in your chosen field?  
Are you proud to describe your work to others?  
Can you be a success in your chosen Niche?  
Will your fans be as excited as you are on this subject?  

Your Personal Brand Summary
Your Personal Brand
Who Are “You”
Why Buy from you
 Can describe your brand in Less than 20 words
 Your Brand is Clearly defined, with specifics

Communicating Your Brand
Your Personality and Mannerism
 Make connection with a conversational manner
 Deliver info with a captivating tone

Questions Yes No
Film a video for your brand, watch it yourself. Did you enjoy it and does it make you want to click through?  
Write content for your viewers, read it out aloud to yourself. Does it make you listen intently?  

Your Brands Appearance
Your colour shades / personality
Soft or hard appearance?
Light or Bold fonts used?
 Sketch a portrait of your brand on a blank piece of paper.

Your Brand Hook
Do you have a story to tell?
What gets your fans interested or excited?

 Collect testimonials. Incorporate them onto your website/blog/social profiles.
 Keep updating and adding content to stay visible and connected

Broadcast Your Personal Brand to the World

Whats your best Brand Asset?

 Get yourself an auto-responder service preferably with Aweber or GetResponse
 Set up your personal branding list campaign and follow up message string.
 Send Traffic to your lead capture page or blog.
 Build a healthy relationship with your subscribers.
 Monetize your list

Questions Yes No
Do you understand the reason for creating multiple followup messages.  
Do you feel you can give lots of value via this medium? And how it can build long term relationships.  

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