YouTube Branding Watermark Gets More Subscribers

YouTube Branding Watermark Gets More Subscribers

How to Use The YouTube Branding Watermark To Get More Subscribers
Do you want to get more people to subscribe to your channel?
More subscribers means more views.
More views means more engagement which Google loves.

YouTube’s branded watermark feature embeds a subscribe button or channel logo across all the videos on your channel at the same time.

Here’s how to embed a subscribe watermark to all the videos on your YouTube channel
Log into your YouTube channel
Click the profile image
Click Creator Studio
Click on channel-branding
Click “add a watermark”
It says “for best results use transparency and just one color?
To find a subscribe image you can just Google “free subscribe images youtube” then click on images and select the image from Google images
Save it save it to the desktop
Click on “choose file”
Choose the file you saved to your desktop
Click save
It says your uploaded watermark
Click save
It says “saved successfully”

You can show your watermark at the end of the video, custom start time or the entire video
I am going to select entire video
Click update
It says “saved successfully”

Let’s look at a video on the channel
Click video manager
Select one of your videos and you’ll see the subscribe image at the top of your video so if you click on that it goes to the home page of your YouTube channel.

To see the subscribe button make sure you first log out of your channel otherwise you won’t see it.

Now you know how to add a subscribe button across all the videos on your YouTube channel at the same time using the Branded Watermark feature.

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YouTube Branding Watermark Gets More Subscribers

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