Strategic Brand Management – What Is Brand Management?

Strategic Brand Management - What Is Brand Management?

Strategic Brand Management – What is Brand Management? | Contact Edwin at 714-300-9566

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What are your brand’s “basic physical and organizational infrastructure” and necessary “services and facilities” so that it can function and be economically promising? This article is by no means an attempt to define branding or its importance in business and marketing. This article is to point out that without a sound understanding of the importance of an infrastructure for your brand management strategy, and what that all entails, you could fail without ever really knowing why. To succeed in branding, you have to support that brand management strategy with services, staff training and a host of many other things. Here is a basic checklist of what your branding infrastructure should contain. You may want to copy it and even add to and adapt this for your own needs.

Sound market & keyword research

Mission statement, well publicized

A written marketing and PR strategy

A contextual content strategy

Social media and content policies

Well-developed marketing and PR budget

Set marketing & sales objectives and quotas

Corporate ethics policy

A unique selling proposition

Distinctive logo, colors and packaging


Company training manuals & courses

Customer support staff

Company website & blog

Appropriate branded social channels

An organizational chart

A CMO, Director of Marketing or someone similar

Marketing staff (designers, writers, bloggers, A/V people, etc.)

Strong relations with KOL’s, marketing partners, strategic relationships & affiliates

Internal communications system and schedules

While there is much more that could be added, this is to point out that your brand management strategy is much more successful, sustainable and profitable with supported with a well-built and tightly organized digital infrastructure

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