What is branding?

What is branding?

With over 6,400 books written on branding, the subject has gotten complex. Yet simplicity is where the power exists.

This video was conceived, written and narrated by award-winning designer, branding specialist and Fast Company blogger David Brier to distill branding down to its basics answering that basic question “What is branding?” (from ) Animation, motion graphics and SFX by the incredibly talented Saar Oz.

Written plainly with equally minimalistic motion graphics, this video unveils the magic, the spark and the simplicity that is branding in its most fundamental form. Perfect for entrepreneurs, CEOs, innovators, rebels and disruptors of any kind.

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What is branding?

As creators, we want to think it’s about us, our brilliant talent, our skills we’ve perfected over the years — all these magical things: color, space, shape, tension, harmony, typography, beauty, simplicity.

Then why do certain brands become great brands?

Brands that:
• connect,
• resonate
• and spread like wildfire…

It’s because we tapped into our ability to see. Not as ourselves, but as others.

To see the minute details and trends others don’t see.

Not just on the computer screen.
Or in books.
Or in galleries.

But in — and through — the eyes, hearts and minds of people.

Geniuses have that special skill to look at the universe of people and translate that into the universe of visual and written communications, to transform those observations we each sense into something we can each tangibly see. And understand.

That is the magic.

That is the spark.

That is the genius… that gets each of us interested. And keeps us going.

For something greater.

For something previously impossible.

For something nobody ever thought of before.

That is the magic of branding.


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