The Science & Art of Retail Branding | CPC Strategy with Search Spring

The Science & Art of Retail Branding | CPC Strategy with Search Spring

Increase sales with Search and Navigation. In this webinar, you will learn how to increase sales and unleash find-ability with advanced site search and navigation for your e-commerce store.

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A few highlights from the webinar:
– Increase sales with Search and Navigation
– Improve your site search with find-ability
– Make small site changes to increase your bottom line
– Understand what users are looking for and how to help them find it

Webinar Transcript:

Mary: Thanks again, everybody, for tuning in today with the CPC Strategy and Search Spring webinar. We’re going to get started now so if you are tuning in, it is a good time to turn on your volume and start paying attention. Again, thank you and welcome to our webinar on converting high website search. We’re happy to be joined today by search veteran Kyle Wilson from Search Spring. Kyle has some great information to help you drive traffic and convert on your site.
So some quick webinar housekeeping before we begin. My name is Mary. I’m the Director of Content here at CPC Strategy, and I’ll be driving this webinar today. We ask you that you keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. At CPC, we’re about making retail search easy. So please feel free to reach out to me personally or anyone at CPC with any questions during or following the webinar….Now we’re going to focus today on just industry third party search, how it benefits your conversion rate, how it benefits customer loyalty, and the efforts provided by CPC Strategy…. So a learning search solution should dynamically elevate product rank as user behavior evolves or as inventory changes day to day….

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