Korea’s Brand Strategy and Tourism Growth

Korea’s Brand Strategy and Tourism Growth

October 22, 2014 – South Korea ranks in the middle of the pack in nation brand rankings (#49 in FutureBrand’s Country Brand Index and #26 in the Anholt-Gfk Nation Brand Index). However, Korea’s tourism, one component of a nation’s brand ranking, has risen from 34th in 2008 to 22nd in the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s ranking of visiting tourists, with over 12 million visitors in 2013.

Holmfridur Hardardottir, General Manager of FutureBrand North America, a leading international brand and design consultancy firm, and Luis Maravi, marketing manager at Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), discuss branding, Korea’s ranking, and KTO’s plans to increase tourism to Korea. KTO’s new brand campaign, Imagine Your Korea, will also be introduced.

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