Branding in the Beginning. (worry about ‘this’ now + save the rest for later)

Branding in the Beginning.  (worry about 'this' now + save the rest for later)

Start-Up Speakeasy Episode #44

Guest: Suzi Istvan
Host: Kristy Oustalet

Suzi Istvan (aka: Social Suzi) works new and small business owners craft their brand identity and get their website up and going.

In this episode, we talk about what you should spend time on in the beginning and what to wait on until you gain a little traction in your business.

As soon as you can, ask for help. When you start investing in your biz and stop DIYing things
It helps you to feel more pro, act more pro, and expect more professionalism from your clients. (Tweet That!)

Suzi’s Start-Up Website Suggestions:

1. What exactly are you selling and who are you selling it to?
Make this the focus of your website. If you’re just starting out, don’t feel like it needs to be perfect. Think: What causes results for your clients?

2. Include clear calls to action (CTA)
A rookie mistake is to worry about design and clever wording over clear CTA’s and instructions about where you want them to go and where you want them to click.

The key here is to give people really obvious places to identify that you’re talking to them and entice them to click + move deeper into your site.

Quickie CTA Checklist:
Who you’re working with?
How you help them?
Do they have a clear call to action?
Is it really simple and really clear?

3. Drumroll please… Your Opt-in area!
People don’t just land on a website and ready to buy, you need to build a relationship and let them learn about you and how it would be to work with you before they become a client.

So what does that mean? Capturing their email allows for you to follow up, build a relationship + keep in touch.

A great opt-in offer/freebie can make a world of difference to building your list. No one is craving more emails these days, so you need to give them a reason to subscribe.

Don’t stress about your offer! Keep it simple + ask yourself:
What are your clients coming to you for the most?
What are your people looking for when they work with you?
What do your people need?

Branding in the Beginning
Create a Pinterest board to see what you’re visually drawn to… you probably have a distinct design style that you don’t even realize. When you corral them all on one board, you’re able to see patterns you may not have previously noticed.

Think of Markets as Conversations
What conversations does your business come up in?

Ex: If you’re in the health fitness industry and you focus on getting fit for your wedding, you would likely focus on bridal conversations. Another fitness professional may focus on losing weight after baby and be in the new mommy conversation. See the difference? Same industry and very similar services, but very different conversations.

How do you want your business to come up in conversations?
Who do you want your business to come up with- who else is in your field?

Remember: Narrowing in on dream clients isn’t about excluding or alienating customers, its like giving a big giant YES! to people you want to work with.

Who have you done your best work with? Who do you get the best results for? How do you get in front of those people?

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