Integrated Branding Strategy Tech Industry JS

Integrated Branding Strategy Tech Industry JS

This is KudzuCreative with another quick video – this time on corporate branding. For KudzuCreative, branding usually takes the form of visually encapsulating the essence of who the company is, and then using that visual theme, if you will, through each and every part and piece of marketing material that comes in contact with a customer or potential customer.

This corporate branding effort was executed on behalf of Junction Solutions, a high-level Microsoft partner who wanted both a clear identity separate from MS, but also some visual connection to Microsoft’s branding as well, to tie the two companies together in viewers’ minds.

To this end, we developed what we called the Junction Metro-branding, which you’ll notice on this PPT cover incorporates some of Microsoft’s Metro-style tiling.

To visually understand what we did, we’ll start with these Junction Metro-branded PPT cover templates, created for each of Junction’s main practice areas, and several of their micro-vertical areas, to include Food and Beverage (and within that sub-verticals like seafood, dairy, produce, and so forth), Multi-Channel retail, Life Sciences, Training, and their Operation and Consulting Services practice. Each vertical area has its own imagery and its own accent color designation, yet maintains a consistent look and feel with the other marketing elements being created. And then of course the interior PPT template pages, where you can again see the accent color designations of industry.

Here you can see an example of a Microsoft graphic adapted to Junction’s branding, appearing completely within the Junction Metro-branding color palette, and see that we provided slides in both standard and widescreen aspect ratios. PPT presentation templates were created for Junction with master slides so that all the fonts, colors, and styling were pre-set and consistent in every vertical and sub-vertical offering area, in both slide sizes, so salespeople aren’t designing their own PPTS.

OK, here you see a sample widescreen life sciences presentation as it appeared onscreen, and an internal slide with another recreated graphic to match the style and color palette of the new branding scheme. And a series of Life Sciences graphics and figures that have been adapted to Junction’s Metro-branding look, specifically for LS … and because we can only handle so much PPT.

We move on to white paper and Industry brief template covers, again using the same consistent Metro block styling as well as imagery and accent colors to designate vertical and sub-vertical areas of specialization for Junction.

Here you can see what both the covers and interior pages of one life sciences White Paper sample look like as well as a first iteration of two-page data sheet fronts and backs, in this case for Junction’s Operations and Strategy Consulting group, accented in cool grey, contrasted with the same datasheet branding and styling for Junction’s LS area, only with the lime green industry accent designation.

Here you see the same Metro branded styling used for a full page ad in a Food and Beverage publication, as well as two additional advertising submissions that reference amazing customer testimonials, again for the Food and Beverage industry.

And here you see just a few of the vertical bannerstands that have been created for (left to right) Food and Beverage, general corporate use, and Multi-Channel Retail, and then 10 x10 tradeshow booth comp for Produce and one for Food and Beverage, as well as a comp of a 10 x 20 booth assembled by attaching two 10 x 10 popup booth together — this a very cool and cost effective thing you can do with a larger booth space that’s extremely flexible … being made up of 10 x 10 booths, you can use the individual smaller booths for other events, but when you attach them they have really high visual impact in a large space without incurring the crazy costs of oversize custom booths.
OK enough on that … wrapping up, we have some basic brand ID items, reflecting a simplified version of the Metro-style, and finally, some interior spreads from a really gorgeous glossy Junction corporate brochure, where again, you see the Metro-type styling as well as the rich accent colors used to designate specific industry area specialties.

And of course there are zillions of other elements we could show … but we chose some of the pieces we thought would best reflect the scope and reach of a brand, how visually engaging that branding can be to viewers, and how execution of such a consistent brand strategy conveys such a high degree of professionalism and credibility to everyone who engages with it.


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