What SWAG Strategy Is About…Branding, Swagger, Your Greatness

What SWAG Strategy Is About...Branding, Swagger, Your Greatness

Welcome video for www.swagstrategy.com – a site that targets women entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and leaders. It provides solid, proven strategies for maximizing your core strength(s), or your “SWAG Factor” to create a dynamic brand that makes the competition irrelevant.

Founder, Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux, helps you strategically identify, clarify, and personify your brand. She believes this is the key to creating an extremely successful, million+ dollar brand. It starts with personal branding. It starts on the inside. What do YOU most want to be known for? What mark do you want to leave on the world?

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You can also connect with Rachel & the SWAG Strategy brand on:

Twitter – @swagstrategist
Facebook – www.facebook.com/theswaginistaguide
Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/swagstrategist
Linked In – Rachel W. Thibodeaux


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