Brand Strategy, Beyonce’s Personal Branding Social Media

Brand Strategy, Beyonce's Personal Branding Social Media

Erika Kauffman of 5WPR speaks on Personal Branding and Crisis Management Mediation through social media, specifically Instagram and the recent Beyonce Knowles situation.

As a Celebrity in 2014 – creating and maintaining your Personal Brand online is critical. Especially in situations of Crisis – similar to what Beyonce and sister Solange found themselves in, after a Elevator tirade between Beyonce’s sister and husband – Jay-z. Having this Instagram outlet – Beyonce – was able to keep the momentum going from her Personal Brand, by carrying on her personal story line, sans the drama.

Having fans and the public see this – makes them believe the situation is not that big of a deal – and is an ultimate force in Crisis Public Relations. That is what Brand Strategy and Personal Branding are crucial.

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