Branding and Cross Promotion Strategies from Produced By Conference

Branding and Cross Promotion Strategies from Produced By Conference

James Deutch talks about Branding and Cross Promotion during his session “360 Profile: Cross-Over Talent” from the Produced By Conference 2013.

While the boundary between music, sports, fashion, comics, food, lifestyle and film/television has always been permeable, recent changes in the entertainment landscape have radically accelerated those transitions and even altered the terms of what it means to “cross over.” With top music talent like Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson leveraging their star power to create new television content, producers are poised to plan an even more critical role in shaping the hybrid entertainment formats of the 21st century. Through an incisive look at current cross-over programs, this 360 Profile will not only outline the opportunities and pitfalls for producers, but assess its long term viability, as well as its manifestation in the expanded cross-over arenas.

Sharon Waxman

Chris Coelen
Jim Deutch
Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
Andrew Jameson
Ludo Lefebvre

Session sponsored by TheWrap
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