SOFIE SANDELL – Strategy for Digital Branding & Lecturer – INSEEC London

SOFIE SANDELL - Strategy for Digital Branding & Lecturer - INSEEC London

Sofie Sandell is a Swedish Londoner and the author of the book Digital Leadership which was published in September 2013. Sofie is a professional speaker and she speaks about leadership, creativity and the impact of social media. Sofie is also a lecturer in digital marketing at INSEEC University in London and is responsible for four courses.

In 2009 Sofie became the first person to be put in charge of a large publishing house’s social media strategy and implementation program. Her job description was short and neat: to introduce new digital techniques. Sofie has also worked in a variety of other roles including E-Commerce Manager at BSI and ITV.

Sofie is a strong believer in volunteering and giving back to the community and in 2008 she became the Local President for Junior Chamber International London and got hundreds of people involved in a diverse range of projects. In 2010 she also managed and set up 14 websites for Junior Chamber International UK and, yes, it was hectic, but going from “website mess” to “website pride” means a lot for all brands.

Sofie is fascinated by leadership and creativity and she believes that the leaders who are best placed to take us into the future are those that know a lot about digital tools and what technology can do for people.


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