Wine Time – My Top 3 Branding Strategies

Wine Time - My Top 3 Branding Strategies

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Branding is really misunderstood in the industry and I think a lot of times as small business owners we don’t think it’s as important. We always think of those big companies as needing their brand. But if you think about a brand in the traditional sense as in how they used to literally brand a cow, hence where the term branding comes from, that’s really what it is. It’s about your mark in the industry, so it really does matter. And branding to me is all about a feeling. It’s that simple. It’s just about a feeling. How does your brand make your customer/client feel? So follow these 3 strategies that I’m going to give you and you will have a solid brand.
In this video:

Strategy #1 Has to generate a feeling 1:17
Strategy #2 You have to committ 2:27
Strategy #3 Consistency matters 3:59

Learn more about the woman behind the show:
I am a serial entrepreneur and a busy mom of three kids. I have spent the past 15 years as a successful business owner and the last 7 years being completely derailed professionally by having three kids. If you believe that you can have kids and it won’t impact your business — you are in complete denial. The honest truth is that kids change everything.

When my first son was only 3 months old, I decided that I wanted to start my own online organic gift basket company. So I did. After many late nights and a solid business case, I decided that I would open my doors for business. While I had a strong background in ebusiness and online marketing, I had zero retail experience and no knowledge of the organic industry. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I had no experience in carrying inventory and didn’t even know what cost of goods sold was, but I navigated my way through it. I ended up landing three major retailers in my first year, the first within the first 3 months. I worked with various publications to promote organic gift products; LouLou Magazine, 24, Style at Home, Canadian Living, Mompreneur, and The Ottawa Sun and I was featured on television including local AM morning shows. Many doors opened after that and I established my company as the industry leader in eco-friendly gift giving. Was it easy? No. It was tough, bumpy, and challenging. But most importantly I learned so much along the way and in May 2010 I developed a successful exit strategy and sold the business.

While there is no such thing as a degree in being a mom and an entrepreneur, I feel that I have earned a PHD in it. I completely understand what you are feeling and I know the obstacles you are facing. I help you make sense of all of the madness by duplicating my formula for success that has helped simplify the craziness that is my life. The truth is your life will always be crazy if you have kids and are trying to run a business, but the good news is that there are simple techniques that you can use to help it all seem less chaotic. After years of informally sharing my experience, and helping moms in business globally, I felt the need to solidify my presence online to help as many moms as I can. So welcome to my baby,

Check out my website for tons of free resources to help you survive mommyhood and running your own business.


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