Resume & Interview Tips & Tricks | Develop an Effective Branding Strategy

Resume & Interview Tips & Tricks | Develop an Effective Branding Strategy

Andrew Pearl, CPRW, CEIP from Precision Resumes, Inc. presents at the 2013 Veterans’ Career Fair held at the University of Central Florida.

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Video Transcript:

So, why do we spend so much time talking about the summary? Because it is cross-applicable. As you defined your interview strategy you want to figure out the 8-10 most important qualifications that you want to promote in an interview.

If you’re coming up with an elevator pitch, a 60 second pitch for a networking event, you have to come up with what are the half dozen most important qualifications that I have to offer.

If you’re creating your LinkedIn profile, again, what are my 10 best skills? What are my qualifications that are most applicable?

The same thing with your cover letter.

So, if you spend some time at the beginning of the process identifying your core tree of skills and qualifications you could reuse this content in just about every aspect of your job each strategy. So, start by analyzing what your most important skills are and then use it in your summary, use it in your LinkedIn, use it in your interview responses. So, if you come up with those concepts first it makes the whole process better and it really becomes a streamlined branding statement for your whole job search.


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