How To Build A Brand | Business Networking Marketing Strategy | Sammy Blindell

How To Build A Brand | Business Networking Marketing Strategy | Sammy Blindell

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A question we were asked by James during our ‘Networking Brand Strategy Workshop’ in London on Monday was: “How do I continue to build my brand with my fellow networkers throughout the month, even when i’m back working in my business to deliver my service?”

This is a common question and we know how challenging it is to keep up with everyone in your networking group so that your referrals keep coming in throughout the month, even when you have to get back into your business to deliver on the referrals you have already got! Most of the businesses in the room on Monday evening were running the business by themselves and are facing the challenge of marketing, delivering, accounting, client management, etc… on their own. Sound familiar to you?

Miles and I have over 11 years of networking experience and have found a number of brilliant ways to manage our word of mouth marketing strategy so that our messages are still consistently in the minds and hearts of the people who are out there supporting us to grow our business while we are working in our business.

Watch this video to find out a couple of tips about what we do… Enjoy xx

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