Sweet Home Timmins, Ontario (Parody of Timmins’ new branding strategy)

Sweet Home Timmins, Ontario (Parody of Timmins' new branding strategy)

**UPDATE: The city council met and discussed the concerns people were having. Looks like more discussion about various parts of the strategy are under way. They will not be using the quote below any further.

Timmins is getting rebranded and we don’t agree with what the strategy is making Timmins out to be.

Quote from the Article:
“Tim Hortons, not Starbucks
Ford F-150, not VW Bug
John Wayne, not Hugh Grant
Steak, not sushi
Hockey, not ribbon dancing
The Magnificent Seven, not Wuthering Heights”

Our singer, Kylah Eide’s youtube page:

Here is our satirical take on that section of the city’s rebranding:

Gimme ma Timmies n’ keep on truckin’
Keep your Kia, get away from my Ford
Singin’ songs about the Northland
Kick Hugh Grant out the door (but he can’t take the train no more)

Well I heard MIss Bree wrote about us
Aims for fame from the Daily Press
Well I hope young Bree will remember
A Northern town don’t need her around, anyhow!

Sweet home Timmins, Ontario
Where the snow is so white
Like my friends n’ ma family
Up in Timmins we doin’ it right

In Toronto they got tha gang wars (bang, bang, bang)
Well up here it’s us against the bears
You braggin’ bout your education
Ain’t nobody here that cares (what’s a BA anyway?)

Someone get Miss Bree a Chez Nous
Bring’r for a dip in Gillie’s Lake
some honey garlic flavoured Whacky Wings
Ma favourite sushi’s called A STEAK

I ain’t blinded by the bright lights
Timmins far as the eye can see
Enjoy your smog and your commute
Timmins you n’ Timmins me


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