TranZit Round 70 World Record – Jet Gun Strategy – Black Ops 2 Zombies TheRelaxingEnd Solo

TranZit Round 70 World Record - Jet Gun Strategy - Black Ops 2 Zombies TheRelaxingEnd Solo

► Round 100 :
► Full gameplay:
► Call of Duty Ghosts Round 100
Black Ops 2 Zombies World Record solo 11/20/2012 and highest round ever in Black Ops 2 at it’s time (20th of November 2012) – introducing my Jet Gun strategy for high rounds. No unlimited Jet Gun “0 cool down time” glitch used during the entire game! Second try solo on “Green Run” in TranZit game mode. First one was a really long ass game where I ended up downing myself at round 54. This time I knew exactly what to do, didn’t touch any wallguns and the rounds went by really fast. One hour after the round 70 suicide they released an update that would’ve totally Treyarched my final dive in to the lava… Ironically enough, first down was right before getting to the lava room. lol

About the STRATEGY:
I found out how to use the Jet Gun properly to kill the zombies in my first game. Best way to use it is not to be too greedy with the kills. Being careful is the key. You’ll also get power-ups by using Jet Gun. If you’re a fan of wall guns at high rounds, they can be effective to about rounds 40-50, maybe even slightly longer. After that you need a more efficient killing method. FARM is the best training area for using the Jet Gun. Spawning speed doesn’t matter since you can only kill a limited amount of zombies at a time. Being in a tight area with the Wonder Weapon (that needs space and time) is not good idea in my opinion. Jet Gun is a cool weapon, remember to keep it that way – otherwise it’ll break.

Kills: 9573, Headshots: 0, Revives: 1, Downs: 2
Main guns: Mustang & Sally, Ray Gun and Jet Gun
First down: Round 70
Platform: Xbox360
As usual, I have the full game of rounds 1-70 recorded and uploaded to my second channel:

Thanks for all support, I really do appreciate! Special thanks to Mr I1I and aSg DimS who were helping in building the Jet Gun in the coop games – both top class players. Special mention to that person who prevented me from getting rank 1 on first try. Without that there wouldn’t been have a second try. 😛

Second channel:

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies World Record TranZit Round 70 Solo.


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