The Real How To of Social Media Marketing & Branding #140MTL The Courage to be Humble @TedCurtin

The Real How To of Social Media Marketing & Branding #140MTL The Courage to be Humble @TedCurtin

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This video is a recording of the presentation by Ted Curtin at #140 Conference Montreal, where over 30 spectacular speakers presented on the subject of Social Media on May 15, 2012. Ted shares his expertise and vision, as well as years of successful marketing experience with us,the power of humanity meets social media in The Courage to be Humble.

Ted Curtin Executive Vice President of Synergy Events where he is charged with shaping the strategic direction for one of the most successful independent experiential marketing agencies in North America. As Executive VP, Ted oversees Synergy’s marketing activities and identifies new opportunities for growth and partnership development.

Ted Curtin Biography Prior to his role with Synergy Events, Ted was a founding partner and Chief Brand Strategist of i-Marketing Services — a consulting firm offering online and offline strategic marketing services and digital integration to a wide range of consumer focused and business-to-business companies.

His business experience spans successful corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting roles in industries ranging from lifestyle brands, consumer banking, mobile, entertainment, travel and tourism, publishing, online gaming, business services, medical, pet care, and advertising agencies.

In 2010, Ted sold a company that he took from a small start-up into a leading international adventure travel brand. His combined experience and marketing success has allowed him to work with top-level companies across a range of industries and bring a wealth of insight and experience to the clients he works with today.

Ted earned his MBA in Marketing Management from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and brings over 20 years’ professional experience ranging from strategic planning, direct and media advertising, creative design, digital marketing, strategic brand management, mobile marketing strategies, e-commerce, new business development, cross-channel and partnership marketing, customer loyalty/retention, e-marketing strategies, as well as social media integration and engagement.

As an international speaker, Faculty Member of The Association of Strategic Marketing and noted thought leader on social and mobile marketing integration, Ted is a regular contributor on strategic marketing, brand management and digital media issues for a variety of online publications. He is known for solving problems through innovative solutions, developing and nurturing highly motivated teams, elevating brands, increasing profitability, maximizing ROI and identifying new opportunities to reach and connect with customers.

Ted also has a Bachelor’s degree in communications from William Paterson University where he concentrated in Radio, TV and Film and was the Operations Manager of the college radio station — WPSC-FM.

Ted is an Ironman finisher with a passion for adventure and a love for exploring food and cultures from around the world. He lives with his wife and two children in a lake community in northern New Jersey where they enjoy a variety of sports and outdoor activities together, as well as traveling and spending time with family and friends.

You can connect with Ted online at, on Twitter @TedCurtin and through LinkedIn.


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