Social Media Strategy for Student Recruitment – Christian Bowman

Social Media Strategy for Student Recruitment - Christian Bowman

How to develop KPIs to improve institutional outcomes using Social Media to drive student recruitment in higher education.

Criterion Conferences – February 23, 2012
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Questions will be answered via Twitter: @megabowman #socialedu

Christian Bowman first joined Bond University as the Internet Marketing Manager in 2010. Bond University is a private not-for-profit university situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

With over 11 years of online marketing experience, Christian has developed online campaigns for RSPCA including a viral mobile campaign in 2001, an online marketing strategy for the first ever RSPCA online store, and managed the first social media profiles for the non-profit organisation in 2006 .

Prior to his role at Bond University Christian worked for Achaeus Group for over 3 years as an Internet Marketing Consultant to the SME sector and has been involved in running workshops to help them develop online marketing strategies.

Christian also develops online marketing technology for direct marketers and in 2010 sold an online voucher delivery system to a rewards management supplier.

Christian is very passionate about developing simple solutions for complicated problems and helping others develop innovative marketing strategies using technology.


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