Personal Branding for MBA Admissions

Personal Branding for MBA Admissions

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Which parts of your personal brand should you highlight during MBA admissions process?

Why can’t your corporate job serve as your personal brand? What is involved in building a powerful personal brand?

Watch this video to find out what is personal branding, how to build your own brand and why a great personal brand is necessary to win over MBA admissions board members.

Look at personal branding in a broader context. It’s not just what you do. It’s also how you start and finish projects, the way you achieved what you did, that matters.

MBA applicants have the greatest control over the outcome of their admissions process. How? Only MBA applicants can communicate their own uniqueness or personal branding, what sets them apart from other applicants, as clearly and as powerfully as they can.

Personal branding for MBA admissions is what people think or believe about you. This includes what you live by and what you stand for. As the people you admire do, you too have unique traits and qualities. Highlight these traits and qualities.

Conduct a personal brand audit. You can’t rush this. It takes time to reconsider your life thus far, identifying unique experiences that have made you who you are.

Personal branding does not focus on a job title. It also doesn’t focus on where you attended college. Exercise the courage to open up and let MBA admissions boards see who you really are.

Personal brand isn’t the only must have to get admitted into legendary MBA programs. You also need to know how to complete the best MBA applications. Find out how by watching this video ( Subscribe to this YouTube channel to get more free tips and advice from a former Harvard Business School admissions board member.


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